Suomenkielinen arvostelu Kajaanin näyttelystä löytyy Näyttelyt-sivulta! Foxy oli PEK3 ja sai KP:n! :D Muuta turinaa suomeksi joskus myöhemmin, onnittelut kehätovereille!!

Now it's over, the last dogshow in puppy ring. Today Foxy got 3rd place, again, and an HP (it's an honorary prize given for promising puppies)!! We are so proud of her! :) The judge seemed to like her.
I'm updating in English first, to pronounce the critique (you can find the original finnish critique from Näyttelyt-page) which was the following:

A well developed, promising puppy. Good proportions. The shape of head is very beautiful. Light ears. Good neck and topline, but tailset could be higher. Good limbs, bone structure and chest. Good rear. Rough coat. Moves well.

A very nice critique indeed! The BOB puppy was a new acquaintance Murustan Aava, very pretty little girl! Kerttu was the second best. Congratulations for both! Our next show will be in Keuruu at the beginning of Feb. We are going to be godparents for my cousins child and the babtism will be in Helsinki the next day, so on our way there, we thought to visit in this group show on Saturday. :) It'll be our first time in junior ring... Yikes!

Photos and videos will follow later!