Foxy's in heat and because it's sunday and we're miles away from any petshops I had to make her a pair of pants. She obviously don't like them, but seems not to know what to do with it either. Most of the time she doesn't notice it it, but once in a while she tries to wipe them off to the bed side or mattress like she wipes her wet beard after eating... Funny little animal... :)



Elmo got the title of Nordic Junior Winner -07 and we're very proud of him! :) The winner parson Revefotens Wannabe Busy Lizzie (adults) you can see here. I hope the link works. Leena's Taika: Cao da Serra de Aires was also a winner in her class. There will be a tired but happy minibus of people coming home tomorrow... :) The way from Stockholm to here is long.

Here is my new christmas flower. I hope I can keep it flowering through the christmas. :) Though it didn't start well, I have been here in Seskarö now 3 days... and this one would need watering nearly every day. Oops... :0