I've been lazy updating in English - haven't even written anything about our new family member. The budgie. Her name is Viva and she's my old bird who has been living with my parents since I moved from home. She's already 13 years old and I rather have her spend the last years in Sotkamo, but it has gotten so quite there nowadays when mother no longer works at home, so we decided to have her here. She doesn't fly so much as she used to when still a young girl and with company, so I don't think we will be having too much trouble with the dogs possibly hunting it down... They are interested though! ! I hope the curiosity will wear out by time. Maybe if she will learn to fly well again the dogs can stay in the same room without her getting into their mouths.

She's half tame, very noisy if she wants to be and messy too, like all the budgerigars are. We are planning of getting her company if some lonely budgie nearby needs a new home (and there are a surprisingly lot of birds in need of new homes!) Hopefully she will have a good retirement here with us. :)